Rainwater storage

Rainwater storage

Every living organism on Earth needs some form of water to survive. Organisms lose water through evaporation and excretion, and this must be compensated for. When an organism is unable to take in water for too long, the cells will dry out, which can result in a fatal outcome. Fortunately, it often rains in our country. It would be a shame not to store this free water supply. By installing a rainwater storage system, you can ensure that you can give water to your plants, even if it hasn’t rained for a long time.

Different types of storage

At Dutchso, we specialize in storing water and other liquids. Each situation requires a different approach. We can provide water tanks, water basins, and water bags, each with its advantages and disadvantages. These types of rainwater storage are mainly intended for the industrial sector, but you can also work on storing rainwater at home. Connect a large rain barrel to the downspout and enjoy extra water for your plants in the summer.

Rainwater storage with Dutchso professionals

Dutchso is an international company specializing in water and energy technology. We provide a large number of products to customers all over the world, including pumps, pipes, fittings, storage tanks, and energy supplies for installations in remote areas. In addition, Dutchso professionals supply a variety of products to the Dutch market, where customers are often found in the utility, shipping, and agricultural sectors. With a large stock of pumps, pipes, and fittings, we can serve our customers within one to two days. At Dutchso, sustainable business practices are highly valued. Therefore, we do everything we can to find the right balance between the environment, society, and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in rainwater storage, please fill out the contact form on our website. We will contact you as soon as possible!


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