Foil lagoon


Foil lagoon

Dutchso foil lagoons are manufactured in EU, the manufacturer has for more then 50 years experience in production of foils, tankliners and steel watertanks.

The foil lagoons are used for agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture and industry applications to store liquids as: slurry, clean water, waste water or used as artificial lakes and duck pounds.

Dutchso foil lagoon are available upto 25.000m3, but if necessary we can supply and install worldwide to unprecedented large sizes.

We can prefabricate the foil liners upto 10.000m2 in one large piece with clear rollout plan for easy installation at site.

A lagoon is be excavated and covered with the high quality Dutchso foil, normally the excavated ground is used to erect dikes around the lagoon.

Depending on the thickness of foil and application, we put between underground surface and the foil a pressured cloth membrane to protect the liner from underneath treeroots, and other sharp particals in the ground.

Further it is possible to installed a floating cover to reduce the water evaporation or mixer inlet to mix the slurry.

The foil lagoon are made according to the international standards and highest quality material current available in the market and we are able to give maximum 15 year warranty on UV and welding.

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